Are Medicare Advantage Plans A Better Deal?

Medicare Advantage Plans are often a better deal than standard Medicare and a Medgiap policy, but this is not universally true. A beneficiary who qualifies for the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program will not benefit from having an Advantage plan. A Medicare recipient who qualifies for Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Insurance: When Can My Policy be cancelled? Medicaid will not receive a better deal from a Medicare Advantage plan. He will also have more doctor options by staying with the Federally-sponsored and state insurance programs than he will if he purchases a Medicare Advantage Plan. People who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid probably cannot afford a Medicare advantage plan.
Are Medicare Advantage Plans a Better Deal Than…

Asking if Medicare Advantage Plans are a better deal is an unqualified question. A Medicare Advantage Plan is often a better deal than Medicare and a Medicare supplemental plan, but this is not always the case. Having any of the Medicare Advantage Plans is also a better deal than not having health insurance at all. It is not necessarily a better deal than sticking with standard Medicare coverage, but in many circumstances Medicare Advantage Plans are a better deal than standard Medicare with a supplemental policy.

What Are the Savings for Medicare Advantage Plans Like?

Medicare Advantage Plans are privately administered and the prices vary. What a beneficiary pays for the service depends on the services provided, where he lives, and the company he buys his policy from. The savings can be from a few dollars a month to a few hundred dollars a year. Too many factors determine what a Medicare Advantage Plan might be a better deal than. Such comparisons should only include health insurance plans and not unrelated items. Medicare Advantage Plans do make things more convenient for the plan’s holder.

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